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If you're a company that's looking for talent, look no further. Qwerkz has thousands of athletes who are looking to make their mark in new industries and markets. We have created a process which allows us to assess every skill our athletes acquired during their playing careers. These soft and general skills, combined with the athletes' intense work ethic and drive, is what separates our athletes from the crowd. We have produced a formula that helps us connect the perfect athlete candidate with your company.

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Starting a new career or obtaining funding for business deals may not be as tough as you think. At Qwerkz we're here to connect you with the best possible opportunities. And the best part is, you don't have to compete with thousands of resumes or applications that may be more experienced than you are. We have a network of companies that are looking to hire or finance unique talent such as yourself.

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Diversity As A Service

Fully understanding your market's climate as it pertains to diversity can be very difficult these days. But there's no need to worry. Our Qwerkz team is well equipped to provide your team with deeper insights, methodologies and processes that not only will improve the diversity of your company, but will open up deeper perspectives and understandings that will take your company to new levels.

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Sales As A Service

Keeping your sales force confident and motivated is the key to consistency. Don't leave your team stuck trying to figure it out themselves. Allow us to provide your group with the push they need. If your goal is to win, we can help!

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Leadership As A Service

Better leaders mean big success for your company. Leadership roles are some of the most underserved positions in many companies. The people who lead the team are the key to winning big. Great leaders create more great leaders. They are the epitome of magnificent company cultures. A simple improvement could have a major and lasting impact.

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Access to Capital

One of the best ways to ensure business success is to obtain leverage. The best way to obtain leverage is to access capital. If you're working on a fresh business idea or are looking to acquire property, we can help.

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Six Figure Careers

At Qwerkz, our job is to put athletes in the best position to succeed. It is our mission to work with the best companies in the world and to provide our athletes with the best opportunities in the world. If that's something you're interested in, register with us today.


Financial Services

Your financial health is extremely important to you and to the ones you love. It doesn't matter where you are in your financial life. Having the best guidance possible can change everything. Let us show you the way!

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A Few Words About Qwerkz

Through technology and industry knowledge Qwerkz has created a dynamic way to connect athletes and companies to activate phenomenal career opportunities. We are offering a mentality, a certain DNA. A winner's mindset and a drive to be the best.

Our Qwerkz members are winners and they want to contribute to a winning team. We are an opportunity driven platform that focuses on connecting the best companies with the best athletes.


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