We help some of the best companies in the world hire or finance business deals for some of the best athletes in the world.


If you’re a company that’s looking for the talent of the future, look no further. Qwerkz has thousands of athletes who are looking to make their mark in new industries and markets.

We have created a process which allows us to assess every skill our athletes acquired during their playing careers.

These soft and genetic skills, combined with the athletes’ intense work ethic and drive, is what separates our athletes from the crowd.

We have produced a formula that helps us connect the perfect athlete candidate with your company.


Starting a new career or obtaining funding for business deals may not be as tough as you think. At Qwerkz we’re here to connect you with the best possible opportunities. And the best part is, you don’t have to compete with thousands of resumes/applications that may be more experienced than you are.

We have a network of companies that are looking to hire or finance unique talent such as yourself. Let us help.

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